PHP Application Stability Monitoring

Install a package, then write some code!

Make managing a web application less complicated, install a single package. Write some more code. Get notified when you need to be notified. Never again waste time scrolling through endless logs or getting frustrated with overly complex UIs.

Is Platform X Better?

There are many platforms out there better than us. Some are large scale and cost a fortune. Others give away their systems for free, some are first-class packages integrated into frameworks! We're completely ok with this. We offer a simple way to ensure that your applications are running well, and you get notified when you need to. Nothing more, nothing less.

Why another monitoring platform?

We built Mission Control so that any developer building great PHP applications can ensure that their customers are happy and their maintenance process is as stress free as possible. We help you monitor uptime, php errors, long database queries, javascript errors, deployment notifications and so much more!