Simplified Application
Stability Monitoring.

Avoid over complicated or lacking services and get the information you really need.
Keep your websites and applications in the best state possible.

Uptime Monitoring

Want some simple nearly real time awareness of your app's uptime? Get started now! We've developed a system which will run checks on your web applications every five minutes. In the case of a failed response we immediately trigger a second check, to confirm that your site is down before we notify you.

Server Performance Monitoring

Server performance is crucial to all applications, get simple feedback on critical moments in your infrastructure. Whether its a spike in CPU usage or your server running out of space, get notified before server issues take down your web application.


Project level notifications nearly any way you want. From webhooks to the in app Notification API, you can provide as much information to Mission Control as you need. You can even design listeners around your notifications.


Rather than getting inundated with false positive notifications you cannot control, we let you design your own listeners and get notified the way you want for what you want.

Issue Tracking

Collect issues from exceptions, errors, or any place in your app that's critical to your knowledge. Rather than dig through messy verbose log files, get a simple view of your issues, with extra information like the number of similar issues and location of the visitor at the time of the issue.

SEO Analysis

We run a basic analysis of key SEO practices for any application and grade you on them. Keeping you aware of missing Alt tags, pages with mixed content, pages with dead links, pages with large (slow loading) images, and pages with missing titles or descriptions.