Uptime Monitoring

Want some simple nearly real time awareness of your app's uptime? Get started now! We've developed a system which will run checks on your project every five minutes. In the case of a failed response we immediately trigger a second check, to confirm that your site is down before we dispatch your listener.

Server Performance Monitoring

Server performance is crucial to all applications, get simple feedback on critical moments in your infrastructure. Whether its a spike in CPU usage or your server running out of space, get notified before server issues take down your web application.

Maintenance & Audit Tracking

Ensure you keep up with quarterly maintenance schedules and track the actions you do. You can also track all your audit actions on your application or infrastructure. We DO NOT purge this data after 30 days.


Project level notifications for anything you want. From webhooks to the in app Notification API, you can provide as much information to Mission Control as you need to. You can even design listeners around your notifications, in case you need to initate further action.


Rather than getting inundated with what an app thinks you should get notified for, define your own listeners for issue, notification, performance details, SEO, and uptime events.

Issue Tracking

Collect issues from exceptions, errors, or any place in your app that's critical to your knowledge. Rather than dig through messy verbose log files, get a simple view of your issues, with extra information like the number of similar issues, the stack trace, the file line in question etc.

Threat Detection

Take control of your security with alerts for requests that imply attacks. You can automatically ban IPs and Countries. Rather than build directly into your application, harness the power of Mission Control to highten your security measures.

End of Life Monitoring

Long term maintenance of any project means that frameworks and other dependencies change. The very easy to loose sight of these changes, Mission Control keeps an eye on the EOL for any of your systems.

Stats Tracking

Applications produce stats, and we've set up a simple way for you to track them. Maybe you track the number of users in your app, or the number of failed queue jobs. You pick, we give you a simple chart.

SEO Analysis

We run a basic analysis of key SEO practices for any application and grade you on them. Keeping you aware of missing Alt tags, pages with mixed content, pages with dead links, pages with large (slow loading) images, and pages with missing titles or descriptions.